Commercial Property Blocked HVAC System

We received a call from one of our preferred partner plumbers, notifying us of a commercial property that had a malfunctioning HVAC system with a blocked condensation line.  The leaks had been going on for several days before they were noticed by the facilities staff at the property. Due to gravity and the nature of the AC system design, this loss ended up affecting rooms on four separate floors of the building. The original flooding issue began on the fifth floor of the building, saturating the mechanical room, adjoining hallway, and bathrooms.  The water migrated to the mechanical room on the fourth floor and eventually found its way down to the second floor. We were able to get to the job quickly and began drying with various types of equipment.  Much of the drying technology used injected both heat and airflow directly into walls and ceiling, ultimately saving carpets and drywall. With very light demolition and rebuild involved, this saved the customer hundreds of dollars. The only materials needed to be removed and replaced were ceiling tiles. With the success of a complete dry-out of four floors in only five days and very little rebuild involved, keeping costs to a minimum, the customer was extremely happy and satisfied.


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6150 Old Winter Garden Rd, Orlando, FL 32835

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