Commercial Property

Commercial Property

Water Damage of Commercial Property

Whether you own a small business, you’re a property manager of commercial office space, or you’re a Condo Association Manager overseeing the wellbeing of 300 units, Water Service Pros has you covered.We are there for you 24/7/365.Our goal is to help you get back in business, get your tenants back in their home or office space, and get your property dry, clean and back to normal with as little downtime as possible. Whether its a small job or a large loss, our team is prepared to service you at a moment’s notice.

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No Time For Disaster

As a property manager or business owner, you wear many hats and there is no such thing as downtime in your day to day work life. You don’t have time for disaster.  Rest assured, Water Service Pros assigns a Dedicated Project Manager that will meet with you to discuss the assess the situation, determine the damage, discuss insurance or cash options, and take it from there.  We communicate with you daily by updating you on our progress and letting you know what is happening next and when the estimated time of completion will be.  At the end of the project, we supply you with detailed documentation to help prove the work we did was done right, with no worries of tenants coming back later with complaints. We oversee the project from A to Z. We do our work so you can get on with your work.  

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Commercial Properties

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