Fire Damage

Fire Damage

Water Damage After a Fire

Why would a water restoration company clean-up after a house fire? The majority of large home fires are extinguished with water from fire hoses. Almost all fires in a business are doused by sprinkler systems. So typically where there is fire, there is water.  And we are the water cleanup experts in Orlando. However, WSP. Water Service Pros know more than just how to extract and clean up water damage. We are trained and certified experts in total clean-up, restoration, and construction repair after a fire.  A fire in your house or business can be devastating. Whether its a small kitchen fire, or something major, a fire can be a traumatic, life-changing event.

Fire Hose

After a fire, you are not only dealing with soot, but you are also dealing with water damage from the extinguishers putting out the fire or the sprinkler system going off in your building. You are faced with soot, smoke, odor, and water. Sometimes roofs need to get tarps and holes in the home need boarding up. Cleaning up after a fire is a long, tedious task.

Soot in Bedroom

Soot is composed of tiny particles, smaller than dust or human hair. Its made up of chemicals, acids, dust, metals, and other materials. The primary compound in soot is carbon. Because of the nature of these tiny, yet toxic particles, it can be extremely dangerous, harmful to our health and corrosive to our electronics and furnishings. Sulfur Dioxides and Nitrogen Oxides are compounds that are derived from soot. This noxious cocktail is not something to mess with.

Soot Filled Air Ducts

After even the smallest of kitchen fires, soot can be carried throughout your home via your HVAC system. Even if you don’t see it, it’s very likely there. Soot has most likely found its way through your air ducts and has landed in the most inconspicuous places, leaving you exposed to illness and your belongings subject to deterioration.  After a fire, soot will be in your food, in your clothing, in your sofa, and even on your toothbrush.  And the longer it sits, the more damage soot does.

What Can You Do?

Always make sure that your home is equipped with fire extinguishers in key places, like in or near the kitchen. Keep smoke detectors strategically placed throughout your home and change the batteries every 6 months. Keep phone numbers and contacts such as your insurance carrier and Water Service Pros in your phone. Keep your insurance policy number somewhere safe, like your wallet. Make sure that your policy is always up to date and in good standing and know your coverage.

How Does Water Service Pros Help?

1. Just like the First Responders, we are notified the moment the fire happens. We send our C.A.R.E.S. Response Team to your home or business to help hold your hand through the “after fire” process.
2. Our C.A.R.E.S. Response Team provides you with the extra care and helps that you need through this difficult time.
3. We provide insurance claims support so you can let those worries lie on our shoulders.
4. We call out our board-up team to board up and place tarps on the roof if needed.
5. Once things have settled, your dedicated Project Manager meets with your insurance Adjuster to walk through and assess the damage and determine what needs to be done.
6. We follow protocols to restore and repair your home or business.

Our C.A.R.E.S. Program

After the fire, you are not alone. We are there to help walk you through those steps. Our C.A.R.E.S. Program is designed to bridge the gap between the time disaster strikes in your home and the time that insurance or other assistance kicks in.