Water Damage in Windermere Home

The emergency call came in on the day that this 6900 square foot Windermere home was set to go to closing.  The source of the water damage came from a disintegrated/failed toilet shut-off valve, located in an upstairs bathroom above the theater room.  Six areas total were damaged including the master bedroom, the master bedroom walk-in closet, a downstairs bathroom, an upstairs bathroom, the theater room, and the breezeway. The job was completed in 6 days.  We had to dispose of the carpet closest to the source of the damage, but were able to save the carpet downstairs. Injection technology was used to dry the ceiling and several walls, enabling us to save the ceiling and 90% of the walls, avoiding costs entailed with heavy rebuild.  In the end, the customers were happy and the sale of the home went through without a hitch!  First day of Loss: April 20.  Job Completed April 26.



(407) 377-5607
6150 Old Winter Garden Rd, Orlando, FL 32835

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