Water Damage Restoration Orlando

Water Damage Restoration Orlando

Water Damage Restoration Orlando

Do need to have water damage restoration Orlando done? Are you wondering how it works? First, what is water damage and what causes it? Water damage is just that damage that is caused by water in your home. Water damage can be caused by pipes breaking, water heaters leaking, storm damage that causes leaks or even flooding. I bet you did not know that there are three categories of water damage and that each one requires different things when restoring your home.

Category one is known as clean water. This is because this water comes from things like a sink running over which is clean water that you could drink. Well, that is before it hits the floor or stays there long.

Category two is also called gray water. This is because while it not clean enough to drink it does still is not the worst water. This water Damages come from things like a dishwasher or washing machine. This is also the category where most flooding falls.

Category three is the worst and is referred to as black water. This water is highly contaminated and has chemicals and things like blood or feces.

So now that we know what water damage is how we fix it. Well, unfortunately, it takes a lot more time to fix then it did for whatever caused the water damage to cause do it. Things that might need to be replaced because or water damage is walls, floor, shelves, clothing, Drapery, ductwork, heating and air condition systems.

So how does water damage restoration work and what can you expect. The water damage restoration process is done in 5 steps which are Inspection, water removal, drying, cleaning, and restoration.

Step 1 is inspection which is done to see how bad the water damage is. By the end of the inspection is given a class and a category. The classes are graded 1 through 4. Class 1 is only part of a room with a small amount of water. Class 2 is where a whole room has absorbed water into the walls, carpets, and flooring. Class 3 is the worst this is usually the case in flooding or storm damage. Class 4 is for things that require special care like stone or concrete.

There are also three categories which are graded 1 through 3. Category 1 is where the water damage was caused be clean water. Category 2 is where water damage was caused by gray water. Category 3 is where the water damage is caused by black water.

After the damage has been given a class and a category it is then time to get started. Step 2 is removing the water from the home with pumps. Step 3 is drying this step can take several weeks to finish fully. Step 4 is cleaning, and everything gets cleaned. Step 5 is Restoration is the part that takes the longest. This is where all the damaged marital is replaced with new marital. This can even take longer than expected if the water damage is worse than was thought.

The key to having less water damage is to act fast. To act fast contact us at waterservicepros.com we can help.

Water Damage Restoration Orlando
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